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Clarke Palmer

Divine Wisdom Precious Bracelet

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Part of our Precious Elements Collection, the Divine Wisdom Bracelet blends hand cut faceted blue-green ombré shades of precious and semi-precious stones including sustainably sourced sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, moss aquamarine, apatite, agate and opal.

This bracelet gets its name from the main properties of the beautiful emerald & sapphire hand cut stones included in the design.  It can help support and balance your heart & throat chakras.

Strengthening your connection to the divine and helping you open your heart and mind, emerald represents unconditional compassion, love and compassion. It can enhance emotional and energy levels activating creativity, mental clarity and focus.  Wearing emerald can help the free flow of energy between chakras.  

Sapphire is known as the wisdom stone which can help filter out unwanted thoughts and encourage purity, depth of thought and peace of mind. Whilst aligning physical, mental and spiritual planes Sapphire can bring lightness and joy of being and represents the throat chakra which helps you to speak your truth.

Make your choice of size in the options.

To find your size either measure a bracelet you wear regularly that fits comfortably or put a piece of ribbon or string around wrist with desired looseness allowed and mark at join.  Lay flat and then measure length.

All pieces handmade to order, so please understand that we cannot accept returns.

However if something is not quite as you imagined, or does not fit, please let us know and we will be happy to alter. 

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