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Clarke Palmer

Moon Glow Supercharged Gemstone Bracelet

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24 kt Gold Vermeil CZ Initial (ONE - £5 extra)

This is the Supercharged version of our Moon Glow Bracelet which includes even more Water Sapphire - Iolite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, tiny Peacock Pearls and Mother of Pearl Star and Moon charms.  These are specially selected reassuring and relaxing crystals in third eye and crown chakra shades of indigo, violet and pearl. This special version of our Moon Glow Bracelet as featured by the lovely @miramamek is perfect to help with deep dreamy sleep:

Iolite - quietens mind, Lapis which is soothing and grounding Amethyst for a centralising Inner peace and Star and Moon charms in Mother of Pearl for that all important motherly protection. 

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To find your size either measure a bracelet you wear regularly that fits comfortably or put a piece of ribbon or string around wrist with desired looseness allowed and mark at join.  Lay flat and then measure length.

All pieces handmade to order, so please understand that we cannot accept returns.

However if something is not quite as you imagined, or does not fit, please let us know and we will be happy to alter. 

All our jewellery is ethically handmade at CLARKE PALMER in UK.  

Our packaging is sustainable and recyclable.


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