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Clarke Palmer

‘Eden’ Ombré Gemstone Bespoke Necklace

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Gemstone Star

Our stunning ‘Eden’ Necklace is handmade from ombré shades of sustainably sourced gemstones. 

It includes hand cut ruby or emerald star and opal, emerald, apatite, citrine, malachite, peridot, chrysoprase and pearl rondelles. It also has a ruby, garnet and amethyst section on one side.  It has a pearl and gemstone charm.  

These beautiful sustainably sourced hand cut stones are redolent of the fresh, lush colours that we imagine in a sunlit corner of the garden of Eden.

Choose your preferred length and between gold or silver vermeil clasp in the options.

Do let us know if you need to change the gemstone arrangement, as every necklace is handmade to order.

Gemstone Properties in this Necklace:

Emerald: Strengthening your connection to the divine and helping you open your heart and mind, emerald represents unconditional love and compassion. It can enhance emotional and energy levels activating creativity, mental clarity and focus. Wearing emerald can help the free flow of energy between chakras.

Citrine: Citron - french for lemon, gives the stone its name as it is fresh and citrus like it’s bright yellow shade and brings a refreshing burst of energy - a spring to your step. Other stones help deeper healings, this is like a first sip of champagne and fills you with a magical positive energy that helps you recalibrate on a more positive path. It is good for new business or new ventures and can increase the flow of money based energy. Citrine spreads spiritual joy and an energetic bright sparkling light.  It is one of the few stones that does not need to be recharged.

Peridot: This is the stone of compassion and is a powerful cleanser.  It alleviates jealous resentment, spite, bitterness, irritation, hatred and greed. Reducing stress and anger, Peridot opens your heart to joy and new relationships. Enhancing confidence and assertion it opens your mind to new levels of awareness and banishes lethargy, apathy and exhaustion.

Malachite: From the Greek word ‘malakos’ meaning soft, Malachite helps open and stimulate the heart linked as with all green stones to the heart chakra.  Even though it may be a soft and kind stone,  it is known both as ‘the stone of transformation’ and ‘the guardian of the heart’.  Malachite can protect the wearer from negative energies, whilst one gets ready for powerful changes.

Chrysoprase:  This an excellent stone for Relaxation and it can support peaceful sleep and thus your general good health maintaining your vigour.  Healers use Chrysoprase for recouperation.

Green Apatite: Wearing apatite can improve concentration, clarity and focus. It’s positive clear energy helps enhance insight, learning and creativity. Connected to the Heart Chakra apatite encourages acceptance and unconditional love for oneself as well as from others. It helps to overcome difficulties and bring one’s financial or spiritual vision to reality.

Garnet: This deep red stone revitalises purifies and balances energy.  Wearing garnet can bring commitment, serenity, courage, hope or passion as you need. It encourages gratitude and self empowerment to achieve your goals and improve your life.  Perfect for root chakra meditation, garnet can help you change old behaviours, thoughts and feelings and release inhibition.

Amethyst: Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone and a natural tranquiliser which relieves any stress or strain in your life. It can help sooth irritability and balance mood swings, sadness, and grief. Dissolving negative energies, amethyst can protect the wearer and can instill a feeling of great serenity, tranquility and calm.

Ruby: The rich deep fiery hue of this precious stone has the power to increase vitality - chi (life-force).  It can form an aura of protection and attract wealth.

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Free Delivery in the UK.

To find your size either measure a necklace you wear regularly that is your desired length or put a piece of ribbon or string around neck at that length and mark at join.  Lay flat and then measure length.

All pieces handmade to order, so please understand that we cannot accept returns.

However if something is not quite as you imagined, or does not fit, please let us know and we will be happy to alter. 

All our jewellery is ethically handmade at CLARKE PALMER in UK. Our packaging is sustainable and recyclable.


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